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Toyota Avensis spare parts catalog

Catalog for model manufactured from October 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 up January 2003

Gasoline engine: AT220 1,6i 16V (4A-FE) -7/00, AT221 1,8i 16V (7A-FE) -7/00, ST220 2,0i 16V (3S-FE), AZT220 2,0i 16V (1AZ-FSE) 7/00-, ZZT220 1,6i 16V (3ZZ-FE) 7/00-, ZZT221 1,8i 16V (1ZZ-FE) 7/00-

Diesel engine: CT220 2,0TD (2C-TE) 10/97-7/00, CDT220 2,0TD 16V (1CD-FTV) 8/99-1/03

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Catalog for last model Avensis

From January 2003 2004 2005 206 2007 up to November 2008

Gasoline engine: AZT250 2,0i 16V (1AZ-FE) 2,0i 16V (1AZ-FSE), ZZT250 1,6i 16V (3ZZ-FE), ZZT251 1,8i 16V (1ZZ-FE), AZT251 2,4i 24V (2AZ-FSE)

Diesel version: CDT250 2,0TD 16V (1CD-FTV) -4/06

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Catalog for last model Avensis

From November 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 and now

Gasoline engine: ZRT270 1,6i 16V (1ZR-FAE), ZRT271 1,8i 16V (2ZR-FAE), ZRT272 2,0i 16V (3ZR-FE) 2,0i 16V (3ZR-FAE)

Diesel motor: ADT270 2,0TD 16V (1AD-FTV), ADT271 2,2TD 16V (2AD-FTV) 2,2TD 16V (2AD-FHV)

ZRT272 2,0i 16V (3ZR-FE) 2,0i 16V (3ZR-FAE)

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